prepay for ecommerce
Get A Safer Way to Pay for Services, Online

If you need to make a payment for goods or services, online transactions come with their risks and uncertainty. Regardless of whether you are making a one-off payment for a simple goods or other significant purchases, protecting yourself from fraud and scam is vital.

Perhaps you want to ensure you have a payment method in place that gives you additional security from wrongly described items and other forms of consumer scams. With, you get a safe and secure way to make payments online, and peace of mind you need to be able to make payments for goods online with ease.

We’ve made it quick and easy to get started with With a five-step process, transactions for buyers and sellers are straightforward, hassle-free, and completely transparent.

1. The Buyer and Seller Agree to the Terms

Either you or the seller can start a new transaction. All parties have the opportunity to agree on the terms of the agreement, including shipping fees and inspection periods.

2. Payment Sent to

Once the transaction has been initiated, it’s time for you to fund it. You will now be asked to make a payment to for the amount of the deals. Once verifies the payment, the funds are placed into an escrow account. At this point, the seller will be informed that the funds have been secured.

3. Seller Ships the Goods or Provides the Service to the Buyer

Now the funds are in an escrow account; the seller is authorized to deliver the goods or services as per the agreed terms. If shipping is required, also provide courier service or the seller will need to provide the tracking information to to verify that you received everything you paid for.

4. You Accept the Goods or Services

When you receive the goods or services, you have a number of days equal to the agreed-upon inspection period to ensure you received what you expected.

5. Pays the Seller

We release the funds to the seller from our escrow account to their registered account, and the transaction is complete.