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Need to Secure Online Games Deals?

Generally speaking, online games nowadays are played on the internet not only as hobby or time-killer but also as business and trading platform to earn money, or digital money for example, which then can be converted into actual money. Online games are highly diverse in nature, varying from the fun and casual to games of strategy and role playing. The online games businesses here are also including digital items/goods trading, selling, buying, and also account boosting.

Secure Online Deals

A lot of players also trade their digital goods on a variety of auction sites, but those sites often offer no protection against buyer or seller fraud. That’s where comes in as a trusted middleman. acts as a kind of escrow agent to secure the deals and payment. When buyers and sellers reach an agreement, receives the payment and holds it until the buyer verifies that he received the goods. Our fees vary, but generally they run only for RM3 minimum and capped at 1% of the transaction amount at max based on payment mode.


Payments are made hassle free and can be managed via web or smartphone. also enable users to pay using different kind of payment methods such as credit card, cash, online banking and also e-wallet.