Secured and Trusted

Prepay is the first trusted online escrow platform in Malaysia to protect your transaction from online scam & fraud. You no longer need to worry if you want to make online purchase or transaction with anyone, anywhere.

  • NO SERVICE FEE on successful transaction!
  • Your money will be hold by Prepay until you have received the purchased item or product.
  • Protect your payment from potential online fraud and scam.
  • You can use Prepay as your 3rd party payment holder with anyone, anywhere.

Prepay basically is a third party that hold payment on behalf of Buyer & Seller involved in an online transaction. It enable a transaction to be more secure and transparent which is only to be released when all of the terms of an agreement are met as overseen by the platform.

Prepay was founded in December 2018 (Asia Prepay Sdn Bhd 1308177-A).